Ninestar Corporation (Ninestar, stock code: 002180) is a high-tech enterprise integrated research and development, design, manufacture, and sale for IC chips that based on laser and inkjet consumable products to develop into a professional printer designer and manufacturer in future. Ninestar is the largest encrypted printer SoC chip design enterprise in the world and it is also a leading company in the global consumable industry.

Ninestar businesses including universal consumable chips, printer SoC chips, inkjet and laser consumable products, dot matrix consumable products and other printer’s component products and materials. Its products are sold to more than 100 countries and areas, providing consumers comprehensive printing solutions. Now Ninestar owns more than 1000 patents and enters into cross-licensing agreements with multinational corporations so that Ninestar can produce and bring its products to the market covered by more than 20,000 patents which it owns the largest patent technology platform in the industry.

Ninestar insists to innovating technology in years that it has already mastered core technology of printer and encrypted SoC chip, micro pressure control valve technology for ink supply in inkjet printers, a hundred year colorfast ink technology, electrostatic imaging technology in the toner cartridge and embedded China made CPU printer SoC chip technology. All these make Ninestar a global leader in the field of laserjet consumables, inkjet consumables, IC chips, and fine chemicals.

Ninestar established cooperation relationship with Dalian University of Technology to build a fine chemical state laboratory the Zhuhai Research and Development Center to solve chemical synthesis techniques problem of special ink for inkjet printers. Also, Ninestar cooperates with Zhejiang University to establish a state embedded system Ministry of Education of Engineer Department Zhuhai Research and Development Center and a union laboratory which realizes to embed the CUP science research techniques of the national “Core Electronic Devices, High-end Generic Chips and Basic Software” landing project into the printer SoC chips to produce products in a large way. And Ninestar also works closely with Chinese Academy of Sciences Shanghai micro system department to apply the phase change storage technology to the printer SoC chips. Ninestar sets up a science technology innovation center with China National Software and Integrated Circuit Promotion Center to collect related resource in the industry to make Ninestar as a IC design enterprise in state level. And Ninestar has been awarded the Best Marketing Perform of “Chinese Chip” for 4 years.

Nowadays, Ninestar has more than 800 cooperation partners around the world, covering the global markets in more than 100 countries and areas. It sets up more than 800 distributing stores in the more than 30 provinces and more than 100 cities in China. Its market capitalization is more than RMB 20 billion. The Group’s annual consolidated sales revenue is more than RMB 4.5 billion.